Five Differences between British and American Games

Why do we enjoy our games in the US and UK so much differently? In this blog article, you'll learn about some differences between American and British games.

Ten Differences between British and American Games

1. British and American board games commonly use different colors to indicate which player has the move. In British games, black pieces are typically used, while in American games, white pieces are usually used.

2. Many British board games use a standard deck of 52 cards, while American board games often use a custom deck specific to the game being played. 

3. In British games, each player typically takes turns moving their pieces around the board, with the aim of achieving victory by either taking control of all the other player's pieces or reaching a predetermined destination tile on the board. In American games, most players play simultaneously and share a common board, with each player trying to capture as many opponents' pieces as possible. 

5. British boards frequently feature depictions of charming English country houses while American boards are more likely to feature skyscrapers and highways. 

Cultural Factors in Game Development

British and American games have many different features that distinguish them from one another. Here are few most significant differences: 

1. Gaming consoles in Britain tend to be more powerful than their American counterparts.

2. British developers are more likely to use story-driven methods to create video games, while American developers are more likely to focus on gameplay mechanics and graphics.

3. In Britain, there is a greater emphasis on role-playing video games, while American developers are more likely to focus on first-person shooter games.

4. British developers are less likely to cater to an international market, while American developers are more likely to create games for multiple markets around the world.

5. British developers typically use licensed properties when creating video games, while American developers prefer ideas that they originate themselves.

Age Restrictions

One big difference between British and American games is the age restriction. In America, most games are meant for children aged 7 and up. However, in Britain, many popular games such as Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja have an age restriction of 12 or older. This is because Britain has a stricter attitude towards child abuse than America does. Some British parents believe that games with an age restriction can help to protect their children from inappropriate content and activities.

Regulation and Certification

1. In America, there is no governing authority responsible for regulating gaming content. This allows for so-called “freemium” games, in which players can access basic game features without spending any money. In contrast, British games are subject to stringent regulation by the Gambling Commission and the PEGI ratings system.

2. American video games are typically designed for a global market, while British games are more localized in their appeal. For example, Grand Theft Auto IV was not released in the UK due to its explicit content and references to criminal activities.

3. In America, there is a greater emphasis on multiplayer gaming than single player experiences. This is mainly due to the rise of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which have created an environment where people are encouraged to share their gaming experiences online. British game designers have been slower to adopt multiplayer gaming as an integral part of their designs, preferring instead to create more intimate single player experiences.

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