The Game Industry Is Taking Over Art

In this article, the author poses their opinion on how the game industry is taking over art. They argue that the technology behind games such as Shadow of War involves interesting new techniques, whereas other artworks with more traditional methods like drawing and painting might not benefit from both these new developments.

What is a Game Industry Artist?

A game industry artist is someone who creates and designs graphics and artwork for video games. They may also work on character designs, oversee gameplay mechanics, or create promotional material.

Early in their career, many artists work as freelance contractors for game companies. As they gain experience, some wind up working at studios full time. But no matter where they work, all game industry artists share a common goal: to create the most engaging and visually stunning games possible.

Visual Arts vs. Conceptual Art

Visual Arts are traditionally made for entertainment purposes while Conceptual Art is created with an educational or intellectual purpose in mind. The difference between the two types of art can be seen as a divide between the two industries.

The game industry has begun to overtake visual art as the most popular form of art. This can be seen in the immense popularity and critical acclaim of video games like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Call of Duty”. These games not only provide entertainment but also challenge players with complex levels of gameplay that cannot be found in traditional visual arts.

Game Types: Narrative, Puzzle, Strategy, Indie, Multiplayer

The gaming industry is constantly growing, and it seems like every day a new game type is being created and popularized. This month we’re focusing on the narrative game types, including puzzle games and strategy games. 

In our first example, Puzzle Games, there are a lot of different options for you to choose from. One of the more popular choices is the Tetris games. These games require you to fit specific blocks into specific spots on the playing field in order to progress. There are also strategy games where you must figure out how to conquer an opponent’s stronghold. Both of these genres can be extremely addicting and require hours upon hours of gameplay in order to master them. If you’re looking for a more timer-based game then you should try one of the Orbs Quest games. These games are all about locating magical orbs and saving your kingdom before the time runs out. Combined with great stories and characters, these types of puzzle/strategy games are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.


For a long time, the art world was dominated by oil paintings and other traditional mediums. However, with the advent of video games and other interactive experiences, the game industry is now taking over as one of the most powerful creative forces in the world.

As we’ve seen over the past few years, game developers are some of the most talented and innovative artists around, and their work has had a dramatic impact on our culture and daily lives. From blockbuster movies like "The Avengers" and "Inception" to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, games have fundamentally changed how we interact with each other and share information.

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