It Seems Parents Hate Game Developers, But These Few Games Should Probably Their Attention

Parents need to know what their kids are playing online or even on their devices in real life. From time to time, parents come across games that have a lot of high ratings and reviews. This should ring a bell - these highly rated games are probably lousy! So, if you want your kids to actually learn at the video game level, be sure to give them mediocre and poorly-rated games from time to time!

Games to Improve Your Child's Cognitive Makeup

Parents may seem perturbed by the gaming industry, but there are actually a few games that can improve your child's cognitive makeup.

One game that has been found to help with memory recall is Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! This game tasks players with exercising their brains through various exercises and puzzles. Aside from boosting memory recall, the game has also been shown to improve attention span and reasoning skills.

Learning Games that Teach and Develop Mental Skills

Parents, it seems, do not have a favorable opinion of game developers. A study found that parents view game developers as “anti-social” and “undesirable” (Allen 93). This may be because many school-aged children learn best through hands-on experiences, which video games often provide. However, there are several learning games available that should definitely their attention.

One learning game that is particularly beneficial for developing mental skills is called Neuroplasticity. This game challenges players to connect different dots on a screen using logic and visualization. The more dots players connect, the harder the levels get. Additionally, the game provides feedback which helps to reinforce learned skills. The game has been used in therapeutic settings to help people with anxiety and ADHD.

Safe Gaming for Kids of All Ages

It seems like parents hate game developers, but these games should probably their attention.

Parents often complain about how video games promote violence and addiction in children. However, this hatred of video game developers is misguided. In fact, some of the most popular and award-winning video games are designed to teach children important life skills.

One such game is "Ratchet & Clank," which is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. This game tells the story of two space pirates who are trying to rob a space station. The player has to help Ratchet and Clank avoid obstacles and enemies while they try to save the space station.

"Pac-Man" is another classic game that is popular with kids. In this game, the player must navigate through a maze while eating Pac-Dots and avoiding ghosts. If the player eats all the Pac-Dots in a level, he or she can progress to the next level.

1. Qwirkle - This game is fun for adults and children because you can use different colored shapes and colors. You can also make up crazy shapes or unusual ones such as a UFO, dinosaur, alien and other funky designs like these. The goal of this game is to fit the shapes and colors around the rows of the Qwirky grid to form columns and rows in all 10 spots without missing any of your pieces.

2. BANG - This is a fancy version of the rummy with games' cards such as pictures, pictures of people and also numbers in order to win over your opponent. It will be quite difficult to find someone who knows how to play this game especially if you are playing against hard rock fans (not sure about soft rock fans though). 

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